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At Johnnie & Co. Events, we help non-profit leaders throw successful events by taking the headache out of fundraising and managing events.

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Georgia Aquarium engaged Johnnie & Co Events to recruit and shepherd restaurants for participation in its annual Aqua Vino wine and food fundraiser in 2018. They exceeded our expectations by recruiting 26% more restaurants for the event than we had ever had in its 12-year run, introducing new and exciting options for over 1,000 event attendees. Due to Johnnie’s immense vendor connections and aggressively pounding the pavement on our behalf (we all know how hard it is to get a restaurant to respond to emails or calls) we were able to raise over $120,000 in a single night, making it one of our best years. I would recommend Johnnie & Co. Events to any non-profit who needs to protect leaderships valuable time and conserve finances smartly. Take the burden of finding quality free restaurants off of your shoulders and utilize Johnnie & Co. Events today.

—K.R., Director of Marketing and Brand

Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in North America

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Save time & energy.

Let us utilize our 100’s of vendor contacts across the country on your behalf. Chasing down restaurants, vendors, sponsors, or silent auction items is now our worry, not yours. From taking care of basic vendor relations to full on event management, we'll pick up the ball and run it across the finish line (i.e. a successful event!).

Raise more money.

Focus on what you do best. Enhance strengths. Together we can plan and execute an event that is highly profitable, from 60-100% of the funds raised going to your charity (we strive for 100%).

See growth.

Non-profit events are about much more than just raising money. Let us help you:

  • Motivate leadership
  • Inspire new volunteers
  • Expand your network of financial supporters
  • Market to the community
  • Gain the endorsement of VIP’s and community leaders

Execute a successful event—headache free.

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Talk with us about the challenges you’re facing and the vision you have for your non-profit event.

Customize a plan.

See your dreams coming to life—minus putting out fires and the thousands of emails and calls. Together we will customize a strategy that best suits your vision and needs to get the job done.

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Why work with us?

If you need quality vendors to donate services, you need Johnnie & Co. Events.

  • 91% of emails to potential event donors are never returned
  • 89% of calls to potential event donors are never returned

You can’t afford to lose months of time and get exceedingly frustrated when you’ve got a team to lead and 5 other fires to put out. Protect your time and value your energy.

Let us utilize hundreds of vendor relationships, negotiating tactics for free services and goods, and our fearless, tireless foot pounding methods to get you the vendors your non-profit deserves.

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Let us take on the stress of planning your event today!

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