Hey y’all! I’m Johnnie Sanchez, the woman (yes, woman!) behind Johnnie & Co. Events. I believe that weddings and events are sacred, and becoming even more so given the technology focused culture we live in today. From planning tiny soirée’s to 1000+ person extravaganzas, I know one thing to be true. The aesthetics, the food, the music, and a million other little pieces - these elements are imperative. At the end of the day though, it’s about the people. So gather your loved ones—we’ll bring the party.

Favorite Flower: Sweet Peas (my Grandma had them at her house when I was growing up)

Go-To Starbucks order: Caramel Apple Spice with extra whipped cream

Go-To Cocktail: I love trying new craft cocktails (especially anything with mango, mint, or basil), but I’m always in the mood for Arnold Palmer’s rambunctious cousin, John Daly (sweet tea, lemonade, and vodka)

“I loved Susan from the moment she was born, and I love her now and every minute in between. And what I dream of is a man who will discover her, and that she will discover a man who will love her, who is worthy of her, who is of this world, this time and has the grace, compassion, and fortitude to walk beside her as she makes her way through this beautiful thing called life.”

—Meet Joe Black

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