Hello! My name is Johnnie Sanchez (like Johnny Cash). I know how overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming non-profit event planning is. With so much at stake, and often limited time and resources to get it all done by, non-profit leaders must wisely utilize time, energy, and resources.

I know you want your event to be perfect, delivered with flawless execution, and for your guests to have the time of their lives while also becoming even more educated about your non-profit and actually excited to become furthur ingrained into your family through their time, talent, or treasure.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry anymore, at least not at much. From full on event creation, management, and execution to gaining the restaurant and vendor allies that you need on your side, my team and I are here to serve you, your team, your cause, and your community. We’re here to take as much burden off your plate as possible and do it with a servant mentality. Most of all, I can’t help but treat and honor every non-profit event as if it were my own.

I’d be honored for the opportunity to get to know you and your vision better, and look forward to speaking with you!

—Johnnie Sanchez

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